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This vital singing session is a real discovery through the encounter with Tapasya. As Henri Salvador said so poetically: “it is not so much the song that is sacred, it is the link it creates between beings”. Tapasya is able to take you on a journey through its guidance in the voice and in this openness from heart to heart.
Righteousness and Welcome for a moment of eternity, joy, healing and prayer! Everything is possible! The voice opens, frees itself, the heart vibrates, unfolds, and the magic operates and releases… Full of gratitude for this moment of awakening to the “vital” song, to the song of the soul in full consciousness. Thanks !

Franz of Landoore

During my last stay in Amritapuri (Amma’s ashram) I was led to follow a singing course given by Tapasya (Myriam).
I was immediately seized by the natural authority, full of gentleness and benevolence, of Tapasya who thus succeeded through various original exercises in making this group (made up of very different personalities) sing in a very harmonious way. Everyone was led to serve the song rather than their personal ego and thus fade away, while being themselves by playing their own score in their register, for the benefit of a communion of voices.
Then Tapasya led us to free ourselves during improvisation exercises and spontaneous prayers. And I believe that this is the first time in my life that I have been able to venture, without fear of the judgment of the leader or of the participants, to use my creativity while singing and thus find a great satisfaction of having dared.
Thanks to Tapasya for everything she brought us during this course….   Frantz de Landorre

Rose Michele

Thank you, Tapasya for this beautiful November day, with your beautiful presence, and your beautiful soft and deep voice, as well as the magic of these sounds of Tibetan bowls, which brings us to an infinite space, your proposed exercises, as well than these improvisations, I really enjoyed singing with all the other participants. Thanks again

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