Singing bowls

In these sessions, I make Tibetan Bowls sing. I use different kind of bowls to produce a relaxant, vibrant atmosphere and a deep sense of calm that drives you into present and inside yourself …

Often, a good night’s sleep is not enough for our body to recover from its fatigue; when accumulated in the tissues and linked to stress, this one is difficult to release.

We can observe that the Tibetan Bowls have an almost magical repercussion on the organs, nervous system, and bones, in addition to being instruments exuding surprisingly celestial harmonics. There are no words to describe the immense feeling of relaxation that a session can bring. Their work corresponds to a purification of the energetical body.

The Tibetan monks who are at the origin of the singing bowls where already using them for their meditative virtues several centuries ago.

With Monika Huguier, a disciple of Jean Klein, Master of the Kashmir Yoga, I received initiation, and learned during more than ten years to practice this art of playing the singing bowls, jointly with a work of body consciousness. This is how I appropriated me this practice, which I transmit today by adding my own sensitivity and voice.

A complete set of Tibetan Bowls played by a woman
Singing sessions in Zurich

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